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If you enjoy playing poker and own a website, why not earn money doing what you like? We want to show you a quick way to easy money. Promote the best online poker site on the way to o earn big commissions - it's simple and profitable.

How it works?

If you own or operate a website, blog or other site, you can be an affiliate for Blitzpoker. We will provide you with banners and links that you can put on your website. Every time a visitor signs up through one of your Blitzpoker affiliate links, you get money!

Types of affiliate programs.

There are two basic compensation types for poker affiliate programs, revenue share and cost per acquisition.

Revenue Share - MGR
MGR is an option that every online poker room offers. The MGR option is where the affiliate receives a percentage of the revenue generated by the players that have been sent to the poker room by the affiliate. Most poker affiliate programs offer between 20% and 30% MGR for the revenue generated.
MGR is typically the best option for affiliates who send high stakes poker players or poker enthusiasts who play a large amount of hands. These players will generate more rake by either playing in higher value games or by playing a large volume of hands at a lower value. Of course, a combination of high stakes and high volume is the most desireable type of player for an affiliate to have because they generate the very most income possible.

Cost Per Acquisition - CPA
CPA is an option that over half of the online poker affiliate programs offer. Unlike MGR, CPA is not a share of the revenue generated by the players sent to the online poker room, but rather a lump sum of money per player sent. Most online poker rooms offer between $65 and $100 per player in the CPA commission model.
CPA is the best option for affiliates who send players that are not high stakes players or poker enthusiasts. Regular players will generate a typical amount of revenue or less and a prepaid commission such as CPA is paid before that revenue is actually generated. This makes it so you don't have to worry about your players generating a large amount of money before you are paid.

Why join us?

  • We'll share our success with you - as a our affiliate you will earn revenue for real money players you refer to us.
  • We offer you a choice of payment plans to suit you. You can choose from sign-up payment plan or percentage plan.
  • You can manage all your affiliate activities and revenues.
  • We guarantee on-time, monthly payments and a wide range of payment options.

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